By the Book Quartet

About Us

In 2014 BY THE BOOK QUARTET was born out of the music ministry of First Baptist Church New Waverly Texas. While some of the members have changed over the years, our mission remains the same. To sing the Gospel message of God's redeeming grace, to lead his lost sheep to the fold and tell the world God still saves and he still heals.

All of our members have a testimony of personal salvation and commitment to God's work and often share those experiences as the spirit leads at our concerts. We are extremely blessed to experience a common calling to sing the Gospel and we are available for concerts, revivals and events at your church or function. Contact us about a free concert and follow us on Facebook for periodic updates.

Loving God, Loving you
By The Book

Mission Statement

Our desire is to honor God by telling people about Jesus in song and showing His love by our actions and in the relationships we develop.

Group Members

Bennie Hasha

Bennie Hasha - Lead/Tenor

Owner/Director of Gospel Lakes Ranch. He and his wife Judy run the full time ministry, outreaching to inner city kids by providing a free day camp, with horseback riding, fishing, paddle boats, and gospel presentation. Thousands of kids have recieved Christ because of their dedication and efforts to reach the lost.

Joe Mayrant

Joe Mayrant - Tenor/Lead

Joe is a founding member of BTBQ and currently serves as a Deacon in his church.

Gary Clark

Gary Clark - Baritone

Gary leads worship at his home church and serves as Emcee and manager for BTBQ.

Dr. John D. Andrews

Dr. John D. Andrews - Bass

Dr. JD Andrews has a great bass voice and serves as the Pastor of FBCNW. He has two doctorate degrees and has a passion for singing and preaching God's word.

Contact Information

Phone: 832-309-6980
Facebook: By the Book